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bit social

In 2008, bit group employees founded the bit social association, to use their know-how for education and technology with passion for a good cause.

With our charitable projects we provide opportunities for children with learning difficulties and families who lack financial means. Our goal is to help them taking the next step in their development. We also want to attract people who want to make a difference in the education system.

We promote educational opportunities for disadvantaged groups of people on the one hand and professionalize employees in the social economy, children's, youth and adult education sectors for the future on the other hand.

In this way, we show that economic thinking and social aid do not have to be in contradiction to each other but can be combined.




Paasikivi-Opisto is both a vocational school and a folk high school. As vocational studies we offer the basic degree of media and arts. In the folk high school, we teach Finnish language and culture for foreigners, photography, journalism, art, graphic design and digital content management.

Paasikivi-Opisto was founded in 1980 and it’s situated on an Kakskerta island in Turku in South-Western Finland.

Our mission is making learning possible now and in the future. Our aim and vision is to face our students as individuals and to care for their studies and their learning. We want to inspire creative minds on their path to becoming professionals.


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